12:05 PM - 12:45 PM

Panel: Internet Connectivity, Social Media & Data Mining

Data, data everywhere. With affordable smartphones, and cheaper storage, bigger data sets has become superabundant.

Social media is a one of the major sources of big data in the form of user and system generated content.

Panelists will discuss on how they leverage all of the social data and how do they make sense of it? How can one use social media platforms and the data that they generate to make key decisions for our organizations, and our society?

We will also cover the topic of the inherent challenges and issues associated with working with social media data? What obligations do we have as digital agencies, corporate companies and data experts have to protect the privacy of the users?

These are just a few questions that will be discussed at the 2017 Bits & Bytes panel on Internet Connectivity, Social Media & Data Mining.

AIM GROUP, Aashiq Shariff & Imani Alfayo

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