Harold Mgone

Co-FOUNDER, Hai Life

Born in Tanzania, Harold grew up and studied in Scotland, England and Papua New Guinea. After years abroad, he’s now settled in Tanga with his wife and two children. Harold has a diverse professional background encompassing the high-end food industry, law and human resources.

In 2013, Harold and his wife, Anna, who comes from Finland established HaiLife Juicery. The company is now a successful brand and HaiLife juices are available in shops, hotels and restaurants across Tanzania. HaiLife takes pleasure in finding the freshest and highest quality fruits to create new and exciting flavours. The current best belling juice is Apple & Beetroot Press.

While a Tanzanian company and using only locally grown produce, HaiLife has a touch of Finnish influence: HaiLife uses state of art machines from Finland, which is where the company’s business mentors are also from; the award-winning organic juice company Raikastamo (Organic Product of the Year in Finland 2009). The distinguished Helsinki-based graphic designer Kim Paqvalin of Monos designed HaiLife’s packaging and business imagery. Paqvalin has worked with leading Finnish food and beverage brands (such as Paulig, Marli, Ingman) and wanted to bring freshness and nature to the HaiLife visuals with brick and mortar in mind.

The HaiLife factory is based in the picturesque coastal town of Tanga. Tanga was chosen as a base due to the availability of high quality fruit and vegetables. HaiLife wants to be part of the city, and part of the renewed energy to ensure that Tanga remains relevant and vibrant. HaiLife has created jobs for the young men and women of Tanga, including those who might be overlooked due to a disability.

In addition to innovating Tanzania’s most exciting juice brand, driving himself all over the country in search of the freshest and best quality fruit, picking and pressing the fruit, driving to all the farmers’ markets, Harold also has a passion for Land Rovers and cooking. When time permits.

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